Teaching & Learning

St Anthony's teachers have developed a style of teaching that incorporates the best features of the traditional teacher-directed mode with the co-operative teaching and learning method. This self-directed and highly motivating approach to learning caters for individual differences and is also ideally suited to the talented and gifted pupils in our school. Our staff are skilled and actively seek to utilise teaching aids, such as information and communication technology, to assist student development.

Extra Curricular Activities

St Anthony's prides itself in being a place where each child is able to become involved in a wide variety of educational pursuits. Interested staff and parents ensure that cultural and academic as well as sporting activities are available to all pupils.

  • Chess Club
  • Competitions 
  • Parliament 
  • Peer Support
  • Rostrum and Debating
  • Etensive sporting opportunities
  • Tournament of Minds

Gifts, Talents and Special Needs

Every student at St Anthony's is given the very best opportunities to develop their gifts and talents. The school acknowledges that all children possess a combination of talents and areas of challenge that make them unique. Our aim is to nurture their development in each of these areas.

Our school endeavours to cater for the needs of all children. The school focuses on giving all children the opportunity to discover that there are many different ways of thinking about any given problem or situation.

At St Anthony’s we endeavour to identify those students who may be working to a capacity well beyond those of their age group in one or a number of different areas of the curriculum. We recognise the specific needs of these students and utilise a number of strategies, such as enrichment, extension and types of acceleration, to meet their unique developmental needs. Each term we offer at school, enrichment days run by the Australian Gifted Support Centre.

Outdoor Education 

At St Anthony's we endeavour to provide progressive involvement in outdoor education activities specific to each year level. For infant grades, outdoor education involves excursions such as nature walks, environmental trails etc. For the primary grades, the emphasis moves on to school camp activities ranging from an overnight sleep-over at the school in the Year 3 building up to a five day camp in Year 6.

Learning Support

All Kindergarten students are rigorously assessed in literacy and numeracy throughout the year. Early intervention begins in Term 2 for students who require additional support.

All children are progressively assessed and tracked from Year 1 to Year 6. Assistance is provided for children with learning difficulties throughout the school. If students do not maintain school based reading benchmarks the students are automatically placed on the Learning Support Reading program.

St Anthony’s prides itself on being an inclusive school. As part of the Learning Support Program, the school offers a program at lunch time called “Social Club”, for students to further develop their social skills. It is open to all students; however specific students are encouraged to attend. The program provides an opportunity for students to understand how positive relationships are built and to maintain

  • INSPIRING students by using a variety of thinking tools.
  • MOTIVATING students to understand "concepts" and to "deepen" their learning through hands-on activities.