For Parents

St Anthony's uses Compass as a communication tool with families.

Guide to download Compass

Many activities at our school require parental involvement, which we see as being of great assistance to our pupils. At this age children love to see Mum and Dad doing something with them or supporting them in some of their educational adventures. To help us provide the best possible education for your children, your involvement as parents is always welcome.

2021 Family Information Booklet.pdf

Out of School Care Activities

Before School Care  OOSCA offers children the chance to relax in a homely environment before starting their school day. We provide a nutritious breakfast and the children participate in games, drawing and other activities.

After School Care  Upon the completion of school all children line up in a designated area to be escorted to OOSCA for the afternoon session. During this time we offer a range of nutritious foods for afternoon tea as well as many indoor and outdoor activities that the children may be interested in.

Vacation Care OOSCA offers care within the school holiday period and endeavours to make this time as relaxing and as fun as possible for the children. We aim for the children to feel as though they are on holidays and are not coming to an environment similar to school. 

OOSCA Enrolment Form - 2022

Additional Children Form

OOSCA Medical Form

OOSCA Flyer 2022

School Fees Schedule

Payment of fees, Camps and School Items

Qkr! - A new method of payment of fees, camps etc.

Qkr accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Other methods of payment for School Fees is Cash, Direct Debit and EFTPOS.

Term Dates

2022 Term Begins Term Ends
Term 1 31st January 8th April
Term 2 27th April 1st July
Term 3 19th July 23rd September
Term 4 10th October 16th December

School Board

The Board advises on the formulation of broad policy matters, assists in the setting of fees and acts as the governing body of the school. The School Board meets monthly.

Serving on the Board is recommended for any parent who wishes to be more closely involved in the management of our school. It is a most interesting and positive way to assist in the education of all children at St Anthony's.

Parent Network 

This network is a sub-committee of the St Anthony’s Parent’s and Friend’s Association. This network is seeking interested parents and carers to nominate themselves or another, for a role as "Class Representatives". These parents will assist the staff and our P&F to increase networking opportunities and social events within our school community. The role is neither demanding nor time consuming. It will be a rewarding experience for all representatives and an important link between our children, staff and parents. We need your help.


The Canteen is operated by the Parents and Friends' Association. We employ staff to manage the canteen, but your help is always requested to allow us to maintain a daily canteen service. 

Clothing Pool 

The Parents and Friends Association operates a second hand clothing pool. Items such as hats, chair bags, library bags and art smocks may be purchased at the school canteen during their normal trading hours. Donations of pre loved good quality uniform items may be left at the front office of the school. The Clothing Pool is open every second Wednesday afternoon from 3-4pm - Opening times are always advertised in the school newsletter.