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New Staff Appointment - 2 Assisi Teacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following recent interviews, I am pleased to announce that Mrs Candace Goffin has been employed as the teacher for Year 2 Assisi in 2022.  Mrs Marmot and I met with Candace yesterday and showed her around the school.  Candace was able to see her classroom and the other facilities.

Candace has had some valuable teaching experience in a number of schools and is heading into her 7th year of teaching in 2022.  Candace loves teaching infants and she is excited about being appointed to Year 2. Candace is creative and very passionate about teaching literacy.  She also enjoys teaching STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).  

Members of our Year 1 and Year 2 team will have a transition with Candace and ensure that she has all of the relevant information she needs to start teaching Year 2 Assisi when school resumes.  

I know Candace will welcome the chance to meet you early in Term One 2022. 

Kind regards,
Greg Walker

School Fees - 2022

School Fees 2022

 Careful consideration has been taken in reviewing the fees for 2022 to continue to support our school’s requirements while keeping increases manageable and fair for families in the current economic environment.

I can now advise you that in 2022, our fee for a single student will be $811 per term.

Our fee combines Tuition and School levies and will help to keep pace with rising salaries and costs to ensure our school continues to deliver the quality education for our students that you would expect.

In 2022, sibling discounts for tuition fees will also begin reducing over three years to minimise overall fee increases.

Please see attached the schedule of fees for 2022 and the changes to sibling discounts for tuition fees.

As always, if fees create financial concern for you, I would encourage you to make an appointment with me to discuss how we can help. It is a policy in the Archdiocese that no student should be refused enrolment, excluded or disadvantaged because their family is unable to afford fees. Any discussion on fees would be strictly confidential.

Should payment in full not be possible at the time of leaving, a prior arrangement for payment will need to be made with the Principal or Finance Officer.  If students are away from the school for extended periods (e.g. overseas holidays), full fees are payable for that time.

If you have any questions regarding school fees for 2022, please feel free to contact me. 



Fees collected for the Catholic Education Office

Tuition Fee (per student)                             

First child                                                              $449

First Child with secondary sibling discount 20%   $360

Second Child 70% discount                                   $135

Third child 80% discount                                        $90

Fourth & subsequence children                              $Nil



Per family per term $189                                                                                             

The Building Fund is a fully tax-deductible contribution payable by the eldest child at a systemic school.  Funds raised by the building fund pay for all maintenance and upkeep for the school.

Please note that Marist, St Edmund’s and Daramalan are NOT systemic schools.

If you wish to not contribute to the Building Fund, an email is required at the beginning of each year, requesting to opt-out.  Please email This is a yearly requirement. 


Per Family per term                                                                                        

 Operations Fee                              $230     

Cleaning, waste management, janitor, grounds, electricity, water, gas, security,  first aid and office supplies                                    

Resource Fee                                  $40        

Books, stationery, paper, photocopier, consumables, art supplies

Year Book (term 4 only)                 $44        

Yearbook fee, one per family                                    

 Per Student per term

Excursion/Activities Fee                $30       

Enrichment activities, excursions, and incursions

Classroom Facilities                       $12        

IT Fee                                                $50       

Computers, iPad, Chromebooks Internet charges subscriptions


 New families only                             $50 per family


Invoices for school fees and levies are emailed to families by week 2 of each school term.  Full payments are required by the end of week 5 in each term.

You are welcome to pay by cash, credit card, EFTPOS, direct debit, Qkr! and Bpay (please see the bottom of your school fee statement for correct biller code and family reference number, this does not change for families)

Financial hardship

Families are invited to make an appointment to speak with the Principal or Finance Officer if fees cannot be paid on time, or if families are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact our Finance Office to apply for a Fee Remission or concession. Applications for fee concession will go to the sub-Finance Committee for consideration and approval.  It is important to note that all information is strictly confidential;

If families are experiencing difficulties in meeting the required payment of school fees and levies, the sub finance Committee has a fees remission policy in place.  Please contact Katie in the front office for more information. 

We sincerely thank families for their efforts and the sacrifices needed to support Catholic Education at St Anthony’s financially. This is for information only and is not intended to offend.
A reminder that if you have a current direct debit or pay by instalments via Bpay as there has been an increase to the CEO Tuition fees these payments may not cover the school fees for 2020. It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that all payments/instalments meet the requirements for 2020 fees.

 If you have any questions or queries regarding school fees for 2020, please do not hesitate in contacting either Katie Akers or myself.l


St Anthony’s Parish Primary School

School Fees 2022

Note: Secondary sibling 20% discount, applies to the eldest child with a sibling attending systemic secondary high school and paying Building Fund at the secondary school.

Payment plans based on commencing payments from week 1 January.  You will need to adjust payments depending on the start date. 

 See attached Fees_2021.pdf

Catholic Mission and Vinnies Christmas Thanks

Dear St Anthony's ELC and Primary Families,

We have recently received thank you messages from both Catholic Mission and the St Vincent de Paul Conference thanking St Anthony's for their generosity.

Raising $1000 for Catholic Mission through our Heart and Sole Mission Marathon and uniform free day and contributing to over 200 Christmas hampers for the Vinnies Christmas appeal is a true reflection of the generosity of our community to help those in need.

Here is a link to the thank you video from our Vinnies representatives: 

Thank you all for your constant support of our charities and for giving so generously.

I wish you all a happy, safe and blessed Christmas.

Beth Lehmensich
Religious Education Coordinator

Kindergarten 2022 - Best Start Assessment

Dear parents/carers of kindergarten 2022 students,

At the beginning of the school year all Kindergarten students complete an assessment called Best Start (students only attend once).  These assessments will take place on the first three Wednesdays of term.  Parents are required to bring their child to the assessment which takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.  Please click here to book a time that will suit you. Please remember to book with your child's teacher.

Due to these assessments there is no school for Kindergarten on Wednesday the 2nd, 9th and 16th of February so our Out of Hours School Care (OOSCA) is offering care.  If you would like to book into this program please click here: Kindergarten Care. If you do book into care you will need to complete an enrolment form, these can be found on the schools website, once completed they can be emailed to OOSCA Enrolment Form  OOSCA is open from 8am - 5:30pm and the cost for the day is $80, less the CCS rebate if you are eligible.

If you have any queries please contact

Kind regards,


Mrs Sophie Hall, Mrs Vicki Beissner and Mrs Kerrie Fradgley

Kindergarten Teachers

Year 5 and 6 Leadership Handover Ceremony

Dear Year 5 and Year 6 Parents

Tomorrow there will be a ceremony for the Year 6 students to handover the ‘light’ of leadership and student responsibilities to our Year 5 students.  It is also part of the farewell process for our Year 6 students to transition to secondary school.

The ceremony will be at 12.30pm in the school hall.  The ceremony will be live-streamed for parents and carers to watch at home/work, along with students and siblings from their classrooms. As you would appreciate, this handover liturgy is a quiet, reflective and reverent ceremony, including Year 6 students reading reflections of their time at St Anthony's.   

There are still a number of COVID restrictions in place in primary schools and unfortunately, with 120 students in these two cohorts, these restrictions significantly reduce the number of parents that could attend. This liturgy was held inside and live-streamed in 2020 as well, due to COVID restrictions. The students have practised this liturgy in the hall, which includes passing over of a candle and Year 6 students leaving the hall one last time with a unique sign off and dance. 

Good luck to the Year 5 students as they take on the challenges and joys of leadership.  It is planned that there will be a formal leadership badge presentation to the new 2022 Year 6 cohort in Term One 2022.   

Parents will receive another message prior to the ceremony tomorrow with a link to watch the event in TEAMS.  Please ensure you have TEAMS downloaded and ready on your device.    

Tomorrow marks our Year 6 students' final formal day of primary school. They have a celebration at Big Splash on Friday.  On behalf of the school community, I wish them a successful start to high school in 2022.

Greg Walker

Farewell Picnic - Tonight!

Dear St Anthony's Families,

We are grateful to be able to thank and farewell our leaving staff this evening at our Farewell Picnic. The picnic will begin at 5:30pm with the formalities starting at 5:45pm.

Here are a few reminders:

- Please do not attend if you are unwell.

- All adults must check in using the Check in CBR app.

- Families must socially distance their picnic rugs from other families.

- If you did not RSVP, there will be sign on sheets at the entrances.

- The gate at the end of the gravel path next to the ELC (near the old nature play) will be open, as will the gate near the canteen.

- Please do not congregate while you are entering. There will be plenty of  Check in CBR QR codes to use.

- Masks are not required as it is an outdoor event and there will be eating, however, we encourage them where possible.

- A reminder that this is a BYO picnic, no food or drink will be provided by the school.

- We will have a First Aid table under the blue shade tent closest to the multipurpose court.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Beth Lehmensich
Religious Education Coordinator

2021 Yearbooks

Dear St Anthony's Families,

It is that wonderful time of the year when we crack open our brand new yearbooks and are reminded of all that we achieved together this year. Despite some rocky moments as we again moved to remote learning, there is much to celebrate within our St Anthony's community this year.

Yearbooks have been distributed over the last few days with one copy given to the eldest child in each family. If your family ordered an additional copy of the yearbook, these have also been distributed.  

If your family has not yet received a copy, please speak to your child's classroom teacher or contact me so that we can rectify that situation.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and students that assisted in the design, production and proofing of the yearbook.

Beth Lehmensich
Religious Education Coordinator

Year 6 "Big Splash" End of Year Adventure

Year 6 have almost made it to the end of their primary school life and what a year it has been. To celebrate they will be going to Big Splash pool on Friday.

What to bring:  Swimmers (or wear to the pool), towel, sunscreen, hat, food - enough for the whole day and a water bottle, a dry set of clothes to travel from the pool.

Big Splash is a cash free venue, so please do not send money.  Students will be provided hot chips and a icy-pole. 

Swim Test:  On arrival at Big Splash all students will undergo a swim competency test. They will be asked to swim across the pool and will be given an appropriate colour wrist band to recognise their swimming ability.  All students will be allowed on the slides, the band will only determine which pool they will be allowed to swim and play in.

Travel will by bus leaving school at 9:15am and returning by 2:45pm.

Any student who displays unacceptable behaviour (as determined by school staff) will have to sit out of the pool and if behaviour continues their parents will be called to collect them from the pool.

Big Splash and the school have Covid safety plans in place.

Please complete this excursion permission note.

We are looking forward to a fun day celebrating together.

Ben McDevitt & Heather Naylor
Year 6 Teachers

Latest edition of St Anthony's ELC Newsletter.

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Mr Walker and Leaving Staff Farewell RSVP

Dear St Anthony's ELC and Primary School Families,

Following on from the save the date we sent out a couple of weeks ago, next Tuesday, the 14th of December, we will be providing our St Anthony's ELC and Primary School families with the opportunity to farewell Mr Walker and other staff that are leaving STA this year.

We will be doing this with a BYO picnic on the school oval from 5:30pm - 7:00pm.

This event can only occur outdoors and will have to be cancelled if the weather is inclement. We will send an SZapp message out to families on the day if the event is to be cancelled.

We are asking all St Anthony's families take a quick second to RSVP, here if you are able to make it to the Farewell Picnic. This will help to minimise congestion at the gates on arrival.  Please note, you are not locked into this RSVP and we will have a manual sign in at the gate also.  Everyone will still be required to check in via the CBR QR code on arrival.  

The main entry will be along the gravel path alongside the ELC to the gates that lead to our oval. We ask that you please socially distance and adhere to covid measures while attending the event.  

We are grateful for the opportunity to thank Mr Walker for all he has done for the children, families and staff at St Anthony's, as well as wishing him and the other leaving staff well in their future ventures. We also ask you all to pray for clear weather on the day!

Beth Lehmensich
Religious Education Coordinator