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Latest edition of St Anthony's ELC Newsletter.

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Carpark Access - Today & Tomorrow

Dear ELC Families,

I apologise for the inconvenience caused to you today at drop off time due to roadworks being carried out on Wheeler Crescent. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this. While I had been informed of this work, I was assured that access to the car park of the school would be maintained for families using our service. Unfortunately this was not the case this morning.

I have been in contact with Patches Asphalt, the company conducting this work, to work on resolving this situation. They have informed me that access to the car park will be restored by 3pm this afternoon.  However, there will be no access to the car park between 8:30-11am tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow morning after 8:30am, you will be able to access and park on Wheeler crescent just outside the car park entry.  

Following on from this, you should have access at all times.  Please note, road work will continue along Wheeler crescent with some parts being blocked off.  The easiest point of entry to the school will be from Fincham Crescent (the roundabout next to our school).

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as they improve the roads.  

Kind regards, Rebecca Mackay


ELC - Excursion Permission Form

Dear Families,

We are excited that we have booked an excursion to visit the zoo & participate in a guided tour!  Please see below the dates and links to permission forms for your child's class. We will be going in week 1 & 2 of next term so please take a moment to submit the online form as soon as possible.  

Possums Class - Friday 13th October

Koalas & Bilbies Class - Monday 16th October

Please let us know if you have any questions.  

Kind regards, The Preschool Team

September 20 Newsletter

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ELC - Assembly this Friday

Dear Families,

The Possums and Koalas are very excited to be presenting our ELC assembly this coming Friday the 22nd of September. The school hall will be open for families to find a seat from 11:45, with assembly starting around 12.

The Bilbies have also put together a Bilbies Video for this occasion and Bilbies children and families are very welcome to come along to see the assembly too.

Children may also be signed out from the ELC at the end of the assembly, should you wish to have an early end to the day!

Kind regards, The Preschool Team.

ELC - Pick Up Times

Dear Families,

A gentle reminder to please observe our drop off and pick up times, particularly at the end of the day.  Our ELC closes at 5:30pm and it is important that students, families and staff finish their preschool day at this time.   

Students enrolled in the Preschool program should be attending from 9am - 3pm Students enrolled in the Preschool Plus program can attend between 8am - 5:30pm.  

In line with the above program times, it is important that your child is picked up at either 3pm or 5:30pm, relative to your chosen enrolment program.   Please note that as per our policy, late pick ups will incur a fee of $25 for every 15 minutes you are late.  We understand and appreciate that at times life can cause families to run late, however with a rising number of late pick ups the late fee will apply where relevant.

We thank you for your continued support with this and please feel free to chat to us in the office if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Mackay


Latest edition of St Anthony's ELC Newsletter.

Click here to view the latest edition of the St Anthony’s Early Learning Centre Newsletter!

ELC - Healthy Harold Visit next week

Dear families,

Healthy Harold is visiting our Preschool next Tuesday 12th (Bilbies & Koalas) and Thursday 14th (Possums) of September.

This incursion will deliver the 'Super Safe Harold' program and is one of Life Ed's newest programs.  The module supports preschool children in devleping and building their skills and knowledge around safety.  The interactive session will cover areas of safety including wearing seatbelts, sun safety, safe play, water safety, safety with medicines and safety online. It also teaches children about the idea of connections, including people who keep us safe and building help seeking skills, and developing children’s agency to ensure the safety of themselves and others

The cost of this incursion is approximately $12 and will be charged to your account next term.  Please contact us as soon as possible via email ( if you do not want your child to join this incursion or you like further information.

Many thanks, The ELC Team

ELC - July Holiday Program

Dear Preschool Families,

We are now able to accept casual bookings for our upcoming September/October School Holiday Program!  If your child is enrolled for 40 weeks per year, then you can fill out this form to book them in for 1 or all days over the school holiday period.

Casual booking cost is $150.00 per day, full day 8am-5:30pm.

If your child is enrolled for 48 weeks per year, then they are automatically booked in and you do not need to complete a form.  They will be able to attend for their usual enrolled hours. 

Bookings are due by Thursday 21st September.  Casual places are limited so booking requests will be confirmed on a 'first in' basis.  

If you have any questions regarding the program and bookings, please contact me at any time.  

Warm regards, Emma

September 5 Newsletter

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