Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St Anthony’s Parish Primary School. St Anthony’s Parish Primary School is located in the beautiful Tuggeranong Valley in South Canberra. The school has well established and spacious grounds, contemporary and welcoming learning spaces. 

St Anthony’s is blessed with a dynamic, professional and caring staff, together with modern resources enabling us to support the ongoing development of each individual. We value the partnership between staff, parents and the Parish, we are an inclusive school embracing Catholic values and faith.

Enrolment enquiries are always welcome and I would encourage you to have a tour of our school and witness for yourself the abundance of opportunities available to your child.

I am sure that your association with St Anthony’s will be a long and happy one.

Greg Walker

Our Staff 


Greg Walker

Assistant Principal

Michael Bradley

Religious Education Coordinator

Orla Rutledge/Beth Lehmensich


Monique Egan & Angas Quantrill


Anne Marie Devlin, Cassandra McGilvray and Tracey Adamson

Year 1

Heather Naylor, Vanessa Miller and Bernadette Whitfield

Year 2

Vicki Beissner, Romy Batista and Lisa Daly

Year 3

Tea Vujica and Nicole Ptycia

Year 4

Greg Rick, Angas Quantrill and Angela Bartowiak

Year 5

Sasha Daunt and Bernadette Wilson 

Year 6

Alisa Spackman, Ben McDevitt and Monique Egan

School Secretary

Sarah waller

Finance Secretary

Judy Mead

Learning Support Teaher

Alisa Spackman, Beth Lehmensich and Monique Egan

Learning Support Assistants

Marg Nolan, Jenny Staltari, Angela Ryan, Anissa Symington, Nicole Diggle and Leanne Blanch


Danielle Richardson

Italian Teacher

Gabry Borzatti

Music Teacher


OOSCA Director

Necta Gianakis


Gretel Burgess


Maree Alchin


Leo O'Keeffe