Exclusion Table

Many common early childhood illnesses require a period of exclusion from school events.

ACT Immunisation Requirements for entry into school, preschool and childcare 2016


Chicken Pox/Shingles

Exclude for at least 5 days after rash first appears AND all blisters are dry AND the person is systemically well. (Any child with an immune deficiency eg: leukaemia or as a result of receiving chemotherapy should be excluded for their own protection, otherwise not excluded.


Exclude for at least 4 days after rash appears and until fully recovered. Immunised contacts not excluded. Non immunised contacts until 14 days after first day of appearance of the rash in the last case.

Ring Worm, Scabies, Pediculosis (Lice) trachoma

Exclude until the day after effective treatment has commenced.


Until the discharge from eyes has ceased.

Impetigo/School Sores:

Exclude until appropriate treatment has begun and sores on exposed surfaces are covered with a watertight dressing.

Meningococcal Infection

Exclude until well and adequate carrier eradication therapy has been completed. Contacts not excluded if receiving rifampicin or other antibiotic treatment recommened by the Chief Health Officer. Otherwise excluded until 10 days after last contact with index case.

Head Lice:

Exclude until hair is completely cleaned; neither eggs nor lice being present.


Exclude until diarrhoea ceases.


Exclude until recovered or for at least 4 days after the appearance of the rash.

Whooping Cough:

Exclude for 21 days from start of cough, or for 5 days after starting a course of antibiotics recommneded by the Chief Health Officer. Exclude non-immunised contacts under 7 years old for 14 days after the last exposure of the infection, or until 5 days after starting a course of antibiotics recommended by the Chief Health Officer (whichever is sooner)

Hand, Foot and Mouth
Exclude until all blisters have dried