The school aims to work with parents with the management of those children who have a severe form of allergic reaction to certain triggers, which is life threatening if not treated immediately.

The school understands that it must take reasonable steps to promote the health of students at risk of severe allergic reactions including arranging emergency care when it is needed.

The school can help by assisting the student in the avoidance of allergens and ensuring that an emergency response plan is in place for all activities. The early recognition of the signs and symptoms may save lives by allowing the earlier administration of first aid and contact of the appropriate emergency services. Planning to assist staff to deal with unexpected situations forms part of the school's and parents of children who have severe allergic reactions responsibility.

In an emergency, all staff have a duty of care. Staff are to exercise common sense which dictates that in an emergency, while they should not act beyond their capabilities and qualifications, they are expected to do what they can to take appropriate action.

Nuts have been identified by as a major trigger for an allergic reaction by students in our St Anthony's community. Your support in refraining from sending peanut butter and nut products to school in lunches and snacks is sought. The staff will talk to the children and it is most important that you also impress upon your child the importance of following this request. All children need to be aware that they must only eat from their own lunchbox.