Pupil Management

As members of a Christian community, all our actions must meet the test of being signs of love and respect for ourselves and for each other and acknowledge that every child is an individual and should be treated as such.

Our Pupil Management policy (pdf - 35kb) aims at safeguarding the rights of teachers to teach and of children to learn in a safe, supportive environment. The main objective is that pupils will recognise their responsibility both for their own behaviour and for the natural and logical consequences that flow from it, empowering them to become responsible community members.

To achieve this we endeavour to create an environment within the classroom that is warm, encouraging and consistent. We involve the pupils in formulating and communicating the “rules” or parameters of acceptable behaviour.

We strive also for a consistent approach when handling any misbehaviour. Continued inappropriate behaviour and all serious matters are reported to the parents.

The Pupil Management Policy (pdf - 35kb) includes the utilisation of an Attention Room. The Attention Room is used for occasions when children are breaking school rules in the playground and need to be excluded from play to spend time reflecting on their behaviour. A member of the school’s Leadership Team supervises the Attention Room and guides students through this process.


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