Attendance at School

Encouragement of Students to Attend School


Parents of students who are absent from school are required to inform the school in writing the reason for and dates of any absence. Staff are required to send home forms requesting the essential information about the absence if parents fail to inform the school in writing on the return of their child to school.  Teachers will also attempt to contact the parents of a child who has had an extended absence from school to enquire after the wellbeing of the student and the reason for the absence from school. If a student is not attending school regularly, teachers are to inform the Assistant Principal or Principal who by written notice may request the student’s parents to meet to discuss reason for poor attendance, possible solutions and support for students and their family to encourage regular attendance, The Assistant Principal or Principal will provide information of support services as required at this meeting.

If a parent notifies the school that a student is reluctant to attend school, teachers will work with parents to try and solve any issues that may be causing this reluctance. If deemed necessary the student and their parents may be referred to the school counsellor or appropriate support services.

If necessary the Principal may contact the Catholic Education Office to ensure that the Education Act 2004 – Section 102 is met and inform them that a referral to the Registrar of Non-Government Schools is being made.

The following is a list of Support Services

Support Service Contact Details

School Counsellor / Centacare 6231 4022 (School)

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services 6205 1971

Child At Risk Health Unit 6244 2712

FACES 6162 6100

Parentline 6287 3833