Parents and Friends Assocation

2015 P & F


President:                                              Mr Paul Locke

Vice President:                                     

Treasurer:                                              Ms Taryn Crick 

School Board Representatives:              Mrs Jennifer Corkery

Secretary:                                              Mr Simon Passlow

Clothing Pool Coordinators:                   Mrs Monika Renda and Mrs Hilary Phillips

Fete Coordinator:                                  Mrs Louise Henderson

Walkathon Coordinator:                         Mrs Louise Patton

Canteen Treasurer:                                Ms Maria Valenti


Parents and Friends

The P & F Association exists to support the school in the following ways:

Meetings are held regularly in the Resource Centre. 

Parent Network

This network is a sub-committee of the St Anthony’s Parent’s and Friend’s Association. This network is seeking interested parents and carers to nominate themselves or another, for a role as "Class Representatives". These parents will assist the staff and our P&F to increase networking opportunities and social events within our school community. The role is neither demanding nor time consuming. It will be a rewarding experience for all representatives and an important link between our children, staff and parents. We need your help.

If you would like to receive some information on the specifics of these roles, we would love to hear from you. Contact us.



The Canteen is operated by the Parents and Friends' Association. We employ staff to manage the canteen, but your help is always requested to allow us to maintain a daily canteen service. 

Clothing Pool

The Parents and Friends Association operates a second hand clothing pool. Items such as hats, chair bags, library bags and art smocks may be purchased at the school canteen during their normal trading hours. Donations of pre loved good quality uniform items may be left at the front office of the school. The Clothing Pool is open every second Wednesday afternoon from 3-4pm - Opening times are always advertised in the school newsletter.



The Parents & Friends Association also support the school and provide sporting activities for students. Their aim is to promote the positive aspects of team sports and to provide opportunities for all our children to participate in a wide variety of Aussie Sport events. For the Kindergarten to Year 2 grades this involves providing the opportunity for parents to be involved with their children in Aussie Sports activities at the school on Saturday mornings. This enables the children to gain the basic skills of running, hitting, kicking and catching. For Years 1 to 6 the Association facilitates teams competing in community based sport under local associations for Netball, Soccer, Touch Football, T-Ball/Softball, Cricket, etc.