Our Staff

All teaching staff are qualified teachers and are employed by the Director of Catholic Education on behalf of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.

St Anthony's teachers have developed a style of teaching that incorporates the best features of the traditional teacher-directed mode with the co-operative teaching and learning method. This self-directed and highly motivating approach to learning caters for individual differences and is also ideally suited to the talented and gifted pupils in our school. Our staff are skilled and actively seek to utilise teaching aids, such as information and communication technology, to assist student development.

To email a staff member use the following format: firstname.surname@cg.catholic.edu.au

Please feel free to email us. Please remember that Teachers may not be able to reply to an email during the school day as they may be on duty during recess or lunch.






Anne Marie Devlin

Cassandra McGilvray

 Tracey Adamson

Year One

Heather Naylor/Vanessa Miller

Bernadette Whitfield


Year Two

Vicki Beissner

Romy Batista

Lisa Daly

Year Three

Tea Vujica

Nicole Ptycia


Year Four

Greg Rick

Angas Quantrill

Angela Bartowiak

Year Five

Sasha Daunt

Bernadette Wilson

5/6 Lisbon

Year Six

Alisa Spackman

Ben McDevitt

Monique Egan



Executive Teachers


Greg Walker

Assistant Principal

Michael Bradley

RE Co-ordinator

Orla Rutledge/Beth Lehmensich


Monique Egan & Angas Quantrill

Support Staff

School Secretary

Sarah Waller

Finance Secretary

Judy Mead

Learning Support Teacher

Alisa Spackman/Beth Lehmensich/Monique Egan

Learning Support Assistants

Marg Nolan, Jenny Staltari, Angela Ryan, Anissa Symington, Nicole Diggle, Leanne Blanch


Danielle Richardson

Italian Teacher

Gabry Borzatti

Music Teacher


OOSCA Director

Necta Gianakis


Gretel Burgess


Maree Alchin


Leo O'Keeffe