Application and Criteria for Enrolment


St Anthony’s is a Parish School and as such its purpose is to serve the parishioners. Consequently first preference is given to the baptised Catholics who live within the parish and whose parents have a commitment to the faith. The Catholic School has an ecclesial identity, because it is a part of the evangelising mission of the Church. Yet a distinguishing feature of Catholic education is that it is open to all, especially to the poor and weakest in society...(Ecclesia in Oceania, November 2001 No. 33).

Kindergarten children must have turned five years of age by 30 April in the year they attend. Proof of age will be required. If there are less places than the demand in any year the following priorities will apply:

Pre-School children must have turned four years of age by 30 April in the year they attend.


The process of enrolment involves the school and parents working together to provide an effective educational environment. The following processes will normally occur:


Although students at St Anthony's are predominately Catholic, students from other faith denomination are also welcome.


Enrolment forms