Religious Education

We aim for the children to be nurtured in the Catholic Faith and Tradition within a Faith Community. They are greatly influenced by the Christian responses they give and receive. The love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, fidelity, gentleness and self control which they should experience in a community united in Christ, is where the most important learning occurs.

Every class sets aside 30 to 45 minutes each day for formal Religious Education. Programs are based on units from our Archdiocesan guidelines, "Treasures New & Old".

Whole school assemblies are held regularly. Parents are most welcome. Each class in turn takes responsibility for sharing their learning at these assemblies. Many of these assemblies are Focus assemblies. These are liturgies that focus on particular values being encouraged in the school.
Christian values dominate our entire school program and are not merely ‘taught’ in an RE lesson.

Class Masses and Liturgies are conducted regularly throughout the year.

Sacramental Programs

Reconciliation Year 2

Eucharist Year 3

Confirmation Year 6

The above year levels are the usual practice. Children from interstate, overseas or who are considered not to be ready for a particular Sacrament, can receive the Sacrament at a later date.

At present, the parish and school support the family in helping their child receive the gifts of the Sacraments. This is done through a Commitment Ceremony where the candidates are presented and prayed over to support them in their preparation. The prime responsibility for the children's preparation lies with the example and Catholic practice of the family. The school and parish will do their utmost to aid the families in any way they can. All our Sacraments are celebrated in St Anthony's Parish Church .


Seasons For Growth is an Australian Education program which supports participants who have experienced change in their family because of a death, separation or divorce. The program explores issues such as change, loss, managing feelings, coping strategies and support networks.