The broad elements of English are Reading & Viewing, Writing, Listening and Talking. These elements are viewed as a total learning area, not as separate subjects. St Anthony’s follows a comprehensive approach to the teaching of English because we believe that each aspect is dependent upon the others. The teaching/learning activities include phonics, language rules and grammar, spelling, reading and writing for a variety of purposes and differing audiences.

We endeavour to provide a language rich environment with children listening, talking, reading and writing from the first weeks at school. Our understanding is that children learn by doing, particularly in the early years. From Kindergarten to Year 6 the children will experience reading and writing activities every day. English programs are based on the outcomes outlined in the NSW English Curriculum document and the ACT Curriculum Framework. The teachers’ approach for students learning to read emphasises a good deal of parental help and the school provides opportunities for parents to understand this approach.

The underlying skills of phonics, spelling and grammar are taught in context. “Foundation” writing is the preferred handwriting style of the school.