Learning Areas

In 2007 the ACT Department of Education released a new curriculum framework for all ACT schools, Every Chance to Learn. – Curriculum framework for ACT schools, Preschool to Year 10. This document provides a strong foundation for ACT schools to develop quality curriculum plans and for teachers to develop quality teaching programs for all students. The curriculum framework comprises 10 curriculum principles and 25 Essential Learning Achievements (ELA's). These identify what is essential for all students to know, understand, value and be able to do. For more information visit the ACT Department of Education website.

The school is currently developing it's own school based documentation for each Learning Area ensuring they are in line with the ELA's. In this way all courses are school based and all ranges of abilities are catered for with provision for students needing individual help because of learning difficulties and for those requiring gifted and talented enrichment.

Various extra curricular activities are offered to enrich the Curriculum such as Chess, Speech and Drama and Wakakirri. These activities enable learning beyond the classroom ensuring that authentic learning has taken place and that social skills have been acquired.