Why are we introducing a BYODD program to St Anthony’s?
21st Century Learners Research

Researchers point to the importance of the 4C’s of 21st Century learning. Tucker (2014) suggests that by including Communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, and creativity and innovation into their practice teachers will assist students for their role in the world and support them in developing the capacity to cope with accelerated technological change. This perception is supported by Donovan, Green and Mason (2014) who argue that the 4C’s ‘are learning and innovation skills necessary to prepare students for increasingly complex life and work environments in today’s world’.



Whilst most of us grew up in a 20th Century education environment our students and children do not and will not.  The world of their future is vastly interconnected, dynamic and highly collaborative, where knowledge, ideas and answers are accessible with a few taps on a keyboard or screen.  We see this now in the way children learn and play in a digital environment.  Whilst we don’t discard the styles of play and learning in our past we must also recognise the future they belong to.  It is an exciting time and we have a responsibility to ensure our students have the capacity to navigate that future.  That world is a largely digital world.  It will include:


Below are links to some documents that were shared by Shawn Rudolph on our ICT Showcase Night


NMC/CoSN Horizon Report (2016)


BYOD - A Guide for Parents


The New Work Mindset