Practical Considerations

The reason St Anthony’s has decided to have a BYODD program that designates the device we would like parents to purchase is so that the teachers and students are all using the same device.  This avoids problems with teachers spending valuable class time assisting children with a number of devices which may have different capabilities and user functions.   St Anthony’s teachers and the ICT Facilitator have gathered knowledge by attending conferences, visiting various schools and talking to Catholic Education experts. We have decided for practical reasons that having one device that performs all the functions we need is the optimum situation for the classroom environment.  In late 2016 the decision was made to purchase 80 Chromebooks.  These devices have been used extensively across years 2-6 and have proved to be a reliable and flexible classroom device.  The price-point for these devices is attractive. This is due to the low need for internal memory as files are stored within the students' cloud accounts. The Chromebooks also do not require any additional virus software protection. Many of the apps, particularly the Google Suite apps are free and accessible by the students at all times. The Catholic Education Office has an agreement with Google in relation to information storage and given the size and scope of Google we believe that their Google classroom platform is only going to improve.

Our BYODD program, alongside school-provided access to technologies, also better enables St Anthony’s to:


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