Logging in via Google Chrome (Recommended)

Logging in to Google Chrome (Recommended)


Logging into the Google Chrome browser is the easiest way for students to access their account. Chrome remembers passwords, websites and other preferences and gives the user quick access to all of their stored files.


To download Google Chrome click on the following link - Google Chrome

Once downloaded, install the browser and follow the steps below to log in:


1. Open the Chrome browser



2. Click on the human figure on the top right of the browser and click on "sign into Chrome"


3. Enter in student Email



4. Enter in student Email again


5. Google will recognise the email is from Catholic Education and will therefore direct you to the portal. Enter in the student UsernamePassword and select Canberra-Golburn from the drop down list

6. This will complete the login process. The human firgure that originally appeared in the top right will now become the name of the person logged in.

7. By clicking on the nine dot button, students can access their Google Drive (storage of all work/files) and a range of other Google apps

8. The benefit of logging into Chrome is that upon using any of the Google apps (e.g. Google classroom, Docs, Slides etc.), Google will already know who is logged in and where all work should be saved too.