Digital Citizenship & Education

"Digital citizenship is about confident and positive engagement with digital technology. A digital citizen is a person with the skills and knowledge to effectively use digital technologies to participate in society, communicate with others and create and consume digital content." (eSafety Website, 2017)

Digital Citizenship principles

Three core principles that responsible digital citizens should practise are:

  • ENGAGE positively
  • KNOW your online world
  • CHOOSE consciously.
These principles were developed following:
  • research into community, industry and not-for-profit sector views on digital citizenship
  • an extensive review of existing international digital citizen programs and resources
  • testing and refining of core digital citizenship principles with focus groups.


There are many challenges facing our children and students in our ever changing and more technologically based world. As the world they learn and will one day work in continues to evolve, children will begin engaging and accessing both communication and information tools on a more regular basis. Unfortunately, surrounding the conveniences and benefits of technology are some negative outcomes as well. Children are faced with many dilemmas in regards to privacy, safety and content selection. As with any challenging societal issue, education and awareness are key approaches in preparing our students to engage with the digital world. At St Anthony's we will be addressing these issues through our teaching. We utilise a number of Government and school based resources to assist in this area. Often these resources are useful for parents and carers as well. Below are a few links to websites that may assist in tackling these issues:


Australia Federal Police (AFP) Online Safety Website


Australian Government Website on Cybersafety for teachers, parents & students


Australian Government Website on eSafety


eSafety Website focusing on Parent & Carer Information


Interactive NSW Government Website on Digital Citizenship